Fidelis Fields Farm

Our Story

Fidelis Fields Farm is a veteran family owned farm which was established in 2019 after a 30 year career in the US Marines.  Dave and Kristi Eskelund are the owners/operators.  We are located in Siler City, NC.  See our farm featured in Chatham Magazine: This Siler City Home is a Farm Lover's Dream.

Our family chose "small town America" in west Chatham County to build our family legacy farm.  Our focus is in three main areas:

We currently use our 25 acre farm to harvest hay, grow free range chickens, and breed heritage Olde English Southdown Babydoll Sheep and Great Pyrenees livestock guardian dogs.  These animals have brought our family great joy and we hope to spread that by offering the highest quality animals based on training, care, and breed standard.

Free Range Eggs

Contact us at to get added to our egg customer list.  

Olde English Southdown Babydoll Sheep

Our lambs of 2023 are all sold!    Contact us for sale information and to get added to our waitlist at

Great Pyrenees Livestock Guardian Dogs

AKC registered puppies arrived 11 January 2023! All puppies have reported to their farms for duty as livestock guardian dogs! Contact us to be on our waiting list for future litters.  Email us at

Ragnar and Ronia on duty

Ragnar the Bold

Ragnar comes from an AKC breeder in NC and has retained the badger markings on his face in a way that gives him a very jolly look. He’s quite a people dog and adores our grandchildren and other children who visit the farm and give him attention. Although young, Ragnar especially enjoys being among the sheep he guards and has a special bond with our ram that enables us to put the two of them together when we need to separate the ram from the ewes. He teams very well with Ronia on patrol or on watch. He has a magnificent, deep bark that serves as a clear deterrent to would-be threats and perfectly suits his name.

Ronia the Fierce

Ronia comes from an AKC breeder in Georgia and certainly lives up to her name! She had badger markings as a puppy but now appears more uniformly white. She maintains acute awareness of movements in our pasture perimeter and is especially watchful of birds. She’s already had a head-to-head encounter with a skunk who dared to cross the pasture in the daytime and she continued pursuit even after being sprayed. She has a distinct bark that sends our sheep running for the barn. For all that, she is gentle with our grandchildren and welcomes those family members she knows. She’s an excellent guard dog, companion, and mother, fiercely protective and always on duty.

Fidelis Fields Farm

424 Jim Moody Rd

Siler City, NC  27344